Terry Riley Disco
release date: 26th March 2006

This mp3-only release is accompanied by three remixes:
Terry Riley Disco (Fashion Flesh Re-production)
Terry Riley Disco (Max Tundra Remix)
Terry Riley Disco (Capitol K's West End Mix)

Metal Horse / Portrait of the artist as a fountain
release date: 17th January 2005
Tomlab Records
Limited to 500 copies
(7" vinyl)

Compilation Tracks

The Wall Rebuilt The Trial
Part of Mojo Magazine's 'The Wall Rebuilt'
Cover of Pink Floyd original
On cover mount CD special
String arrangement / production by Leo Chadburn
Worried Noodles Prince of Wales
Part of Worried Noodles
release date: 23th October 2007
2 CDs + Book
Puppy Love Prince of Wales
Part of "Puppylove: 10 Years of Tomlab
release date: October 2007
CD album

Press for Singles

"Terry Riley Disco" ... Barcode Zine, 2006

...The result of this rather bookish (geddit?) clash of identities is a surprisingly modernist lashing of electro pop, with a startling deadpan, tongue-in-cheek vocal supplied by Chadburn set to a background of mesmerically fluctuating analogue electronics and digital beats... ...Single of the year so far, by a distance!

"Terry Riley Disco" ..., 2006

...It does conjure images of the kind of record The Pet Shops Boys might make with Pulp - all skewed Roxy Music funk and clever lyrics. The Max Tundra remix takes the electro blueprint of the original and cut and shunts it into a twitchy bass heavy monster. The vocal snippets, dry drums and '70s synth blurbs make it a dance floor killer. Disco for the head and feet.

(Tony Heywood)