Remix Discography

Serafina Steer Motion Pictures (Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: 20th April 2013
Stolen Recordings
for Serafina Steer
b-side of "Disco Compilation" 7" single.
Alice Grant / Seb Rochford Rini Gave Word (Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: 25th May 2012
The Leaf Label
for Seb Rochford feat. Alice Grant
Alexander's Festival Hall Upturned in Slow Motion (Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: 9th April 2012
Melodical Trax
for Alexander's Festival Hall
Late of the Pier Blueberry (Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: 23rd August 2010
Phantasy Sound
for Late of the Pier
(12" Vinyl)
Piney Gir After the Flood (a Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: 23rd August 2010
for Piney Gir
The Chap We Work in Bars (Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: 3rd May 2010
Lo Recordings
for The Chap
Owen Pallett Keep the Dog Quiet (Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: 21st June 2010
Domino Records
on Owen Pallett's Lewis Takes off his Shirt
(12" vinyl / download)
Owen Pallett Keep the Dog Quiet (Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: February 2010
Domino Records
on Owen Pallett's Heartland
(Japanese CD album bonus track / download)
Acoustic Ladyland The Mighty Q (Simon Bookish Drifting Q Remix)
release date: 7th December 2009
Strong and Wrong Records
on Acoustic Ladyland's The Mighty Q EP
Grizzly Bear Eavesdropping (Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: 8th November 2005
Kanine/Rumraket Records
on Grizzly Bear's Horn of Plenty
(CD/Vinyl album)
The Organ Memorize the City (Simon Bookish Remix)
release date: due Autumn 2005
Noize Records
b-side to The Organ's Memorize the City
(CD single)
Franz Ferdinand Michael (Simon Bookish Version)
release date: 16th August 2004
Domino Records
b-side to Franz Ferdinand's Michael
(7" vinyl)

Press for Remixes

Grizzly Bear, Horn of Plenty Remixes, Pitchfork Review, 2008

...Simon Bookish makes the most immediately satisfying turn, adding a goofy new verse about "London Calling" and file-sharing to a clatteringly optimistic take on the wounded "Eavesdropping"...

Charlotte Church on Bookish's remix for The Organ, Playlouder, 2004

Playlouder: As Charlotte doesn't seem too hot on her guitar things, we decide to throw her a challenge of Simon Bookish's fernickety remix, with pensive organ stabs, suffocated squirgles and neon tension.

Charlotte: "I'm just a bit confused. Interesting. Does it ever kick in?"

Playlouder: Well it is a remix, feel the tension!

Charlotte: "I can see that. Hmm... It's giving me a headache. In a very repetitive, annoying way, but I kind of like it... it's doing my head in actually. Hahhaha."